Poetry Project: Shoes

Illustration by    Bruna Mebs

Illustration by Bruna Mebs

Dr. Martens 8 Eyes

By Larissa Nemeth

These boots they have tongues

And speak volumes

 they say

Fuck you 

Or fuck me.

They take me miles.

Through dirt, city grime

Up mountains

Down alleys.

Do you hear their heavy heels?


Where we have gone

Where we are eager to go.

In shirt, pants and jacket

Still naked without them.

Like a warrior cinderella

This pair is my sole mate.

Combat-ready but steady wishing for peace.


For the Love of Shoes

By Christina Ihnken

 Head over heels only happens in flip flops,

Falling in love, that still requires real shoes.


Collect all the colors, brown, white, red, and black,

On a plastic shoe rack, arrange them neatly,

Put yourself on display completely.


The ones you love dearest, bring them everywhere you go,

That’s what the trunk of your car was secretly designed for.

Never confuse comfort with fit, fearlessly face buyer’s remorse and regret.


Scuffs and scars inside and out, worn out tongues,

Uneven base, old shoe boxes filled with faded receipts,

A crisp love letter as proof for stumbling into playful pitter-patter.


Your cobbler knows you better than your bar tender.

Are a pair of shoes soulmates, and we are the third wheel?

Barefoot, the new trendsetter, hide your sole but reveal how you feel.


A Start to Unfinished Shoe Poems

By Cristina Byrne

Sometimes I wear them,

And sometimes I don’t.


So, what is the occasion?

I need to remember to think of the season

And does it go with what I am wearing.

 Do you think I should change them?


 Are they real?

Or are they fake?

Said a kid about some other kids Puma’s.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Just look at them, they look fake.”

They look like real shoes to me!


Apparently, Billy Joel says,

“Don’t waste your money on a new set of speakers,

You get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers.”

Yet, Wale (the rapper) gives this good advice,

“If they’re gonna judge you for life

Say we can’t always be fly

We gon’ be good long as them sneakers white.”

 And wasn’t there a story in Narcos,

About Pablo’s mom stealing a pair of shoes

So he wouldn’t get made fun of in school.


Some have many and some have few

Some have old and some have new.

So, “Where do my sneakers go at night?”

I know, I know,

Where you left them last,

 Or up someone’s ass.

So, if the shoes fits

don’t quit,

take a stand and lend a hand!